i am a runner.


although i wasn’t born as one, i fuelled my passion as a teenager through track & field. decathlons, marathons and triathlons made me competitive as an amateur, deep into my 40’s. although I never made it as a professional, i kept loving running as a passionate amateur, all my life. having worked for more than 25 years in the performance footwear industry, it taught me that i wanted to build a new type of brand, product, business and company. this venture is for the future, and it’s not based on the past.


join me in a journey to find what running means to us.

jurian elstgeest, founder



what we're made of.

after having figured out the name for this brand and company, which is obviously a hint at the marathon and T2 in triathlon.... or 4 trails 2, i reached out to some people i have worked with over the years. it didn't take long to attract a bunch of highly talented people and form a team. aisha is leading product design and development, which reveals our passion for building stuff that works. john is managing sourcing and production and sandro is in charge of brand and marketing. we're launching 4T2 in the midst of the pandemic and fortunately by design we are a 'virtual' company (living and working in BE, ITA, NL, ASIA). we work together with high quality brands from the industry to ensure we deliver on performance, durability and sustainablity. think brands like Vibram, Sympatex, Ortholite and BOCO gear.

running is ugly.