we are runners and we know weekday runs. they're fast, slow, short, tempo-based but always squeezed into your daily schedule. they take you closer to a better version of yourself. and you need to enjoy every single step of them. that's why we built weekdays.

it is not a name but a conversation. we know that you need a running buddy, someone who supports you along the way and knows what you need when you're gone running.

essential. minimal and perfectly designed.
geometry redefined to serve natural foot motion.
our first 3 modular components coming to life.

what and why.

this is the tech talk. but then not really. we like to keep things simple.

weekday runs are often a variety of things. slower, shorter, faster, interval, easy, hard. weekday runs require versatility and fun.

our weekdays. running shoe is made from a couple of basic principles and the goal is to get you to that 'gone running.' state of mind quickly.

so we looked at natural foot motion, freedom of movement. room for the toes. 6mm drop combined with a wide stable platform, letting you 'roll' naturally.

combine that with a softer heel counter, less padding, an ortholite high performance insole. this on top of a two layer midsole providing you the much needed balance for your weekday runs.

oh, one more thing.

the grippy outsole will get you a long way. but we want to act responsibly and so we will be making extra outsole parts available for those who want to give their shoes a second life.

when and where.

our goal is to work hand in hand with the best run specialty folks to make it easy for you to get familiar with our running shoes.

we are expecting to launch in october 2022.

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running is ugly.

trust the process.